Hello there, glad to see you back.

As mentioned in my last chat I want to talk to you about the basic importance of pest control for your home and office spaces.So let’s begin…

Why Do I Need Regular Pest Control?

A lot of people wonder the need for regular pest control from a certified technician.
Shall I let you in on a secret? My wife and brother both have always asked me why do I need to call your team, I can do this on my own as well… You see they believe I am charging them for something that is way too simple and can be a DIY solution, which is often promoted on social media by companies like The Marketing Heaven.
Dear friends, I am now asking you the same question that I ask them.

What is the most expensive thing in your house?

The most common answers I get is electronics, Rugs, Furniture and so on….. But no, the most expensive thing is YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES. They are irreplaceable and need the utmost hygiene and care to remain healthy. On a lighter note you also need Pest Control to remain wealthy :), just don’t let the bugs destroy your high priced electronics and furniture at home. So make the wise move and hire a certified professional for all such needs on a regular basis.

Pests are not only the most unpleasant creature but they also have a destructive nature and soon become uncontrollable. So, although you may prefer a “do-it-yourself” approach to pest control, there are situations where the job is best left in the hands of a pest management professional.

Remember the age-old adage prevention is better than cure… well, it’s most relevant in this instance. the pesti ensures completion of inspection before the onset of seasonal pest infestation. He is now able to decide the right pesticide and its concentration which is safe for you and your family, while still, ensure complete protection against the pest attack. This is just like going to the doctor even though I know its common cold but we need the doctor to decide the right medicine and the dosage.

What Do I Need To Do?

Always remember to ask these questions :

  • What is causing the problem?
  • Where are the pests being found and what is attracting them to the area?
  • Did they “bum-a-ride” or crawl/fly indoors? Entry point analysis.
  • How do I eradicate them completely with zero or minimalistic recurrence?
  • What is the effective treatment for my entire house?
  • What are the T&C of the contract?

A good pesti will ensure he answers all these questions for you, to help you make an informed decision.

What Do I Need To Remember?

  • Pest infestation is location and weather-specific.
  • All food items are well covered before any treatment.
  • Do not leave any leftovers lying around the house.
  • Please mention any specific allergies to your Pesti in advance.
  • Check the pesti is using products Safe for You, Your Kids, Your Pets, & Your Environment.
  • Safeguard your kids and pets from a high infestation area till the pesti arrives. Remember they are the ones who cannot speak for themselves…

As a smart consumer, remember not to rush into a solution, it pays to contact a certified pest control professional who knows his work.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy and watch this space for more…