Termite Pest Control and Inspection Services

Latin Name: Cryptotermes cavifrons Banks

Length: 4 to 15 millimetres

Color: pale in color

Digestive Tract: Yes

Termite Treatment at your doorstep in Melbourne

Termites are termed as Eusocial Insects. They form colonies that nest in the wood and need proper control by effective treatments.

Australia is a place where you find the most dangerous termites in the world. These termites are the common pests in every household and can destroy edifices, foundations, furniture, shelves etc. with their infestation. It is not easy to detect their presence until it is too late.

So, regular and thorough inspections by a trained termite pest control professional may be necessary to detect termite activity in the absence of tell tale signs. Taking such appropriate measures would ensure minimal damage to your house, office or any structure.

Goes without saying this also needs critical regular inspection.