Rodent Pest Control and Inspection Services

Latin Name: Rattus norvegicus

Weight: 500 grms

Length: They can reach lengths of 40 cm,and their tails alone may measure 21 cm

Color: brown or gray in color

Digestive Tract: Yes

Rodent & Rat Control Services

We all are familiar with this pest; they are a type of rodent that spoils the hygiene of the house and your well-being.

These species are found all-round the year and it becomes extremely difficult to manage them if not controlled. Their population grows very quickly causing harmful diseases to humans. This can be stopped by taking required preventive methods and putting an end to their nuisance.

A thorough rodent pest control inspection is needed of the entire house to identify and take preventive measures like attracting them with baits and traps to bring them out of their closure.