Flies Pest Control

Latin Name: Diptera

Length: 230 x 150 x 80 mm 230 x 150 x

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The house fly belongs to the suborder Cyclorrhapha and is the most common flying insect found in your house.

Flies are present where there are people living and get attracted to food in the kitchen or the dining areas. They are extremely unhygienic to have around the house as they fly over garbage, drains etc. and carry bacteria around which may lead to infection in humans.

Treatment includes use of effective repellents that control house flies loitering around your house. As these treatments are focused in and around the food preparation or storage area it is very essential to engage professional help. Sunrise Pest control offers the best and safe Fly control treatment in Melbourne. Get in touch for effective flies removal services from your home.

Ensure you take basic care of not leaving stale food or remnants around your living space. Garbage is well covered and disposed of regularly. Also remember flies get attracted to nappies very easily so dispose them correctly.