Hello, Hope ya doing great? I’m Mr.Pesko and let me start by saying I am not great at public speaking or not anywhere close to calling myself a writer but just a simple happy family man (well now you may say that’s an oxymoron:) but let’s leave that story for another day)running my family business in pest control.

I have had an amazing journey in studying chemical engineering abroad. I have since then worked with different pesticide manufacturers and finally started my pest control firm.

Now, you may wonder what am I doing trying to write, well I have always had my customers ask me various questions about controlling the infestation problems, identifying the pests or even as simple as the frequency of pest control service, which gave me an idea to pen down my knowledge to help solve all such queries.

So, today I’m beginning to pen down my experience and knowledge that will help you understand different pests, problems created by them, solutions and a lot more… Welcome to the first episode of Mr Pesko’s Diaries.

To be honest pest control is a very vast subject but relatively easy to grasp when you know what why how and when. Remember friends it’s the little things that you do which will ensure that an effective solution remains effective. Yes, don’t be surprised the things I will share with you during this journey will make you wonder “ That’s it, is that all I gotta do?”. Well yes, it is going to be that simple.


I hope to see you here soon with my first story on “Types of spiders” and how to identify different species that one may find in their living room or attic … the creepy-crawly pest is unpleasant if not downright frightening!

See you ’round