Being a staunch gardener myself, I have got an enormous veggie patch at my house. I was worried about the slaters, mites, and garden bugs crawling into my plants. Of course, the fact says that Slaters do not destroy the pants, but they surely damage the new seedling and ripe fruits and vegetables.

How to Get Rid of Slaters In My Veggie Patch?

Slaters, or as the kids call it, roly-poly bugs, are natural decomposers. Slaters are quite common and are found everywhere. These creatures break down the dead organic matter into the soil. 

All along, I tried and tested some methods to prevent and get rid of slaters from my veggie patch. Here in this column, I will share some simple tips that I have tried and got astonishing results with you. 

Some simple Tips To Get Rid Of Slaters In Your Veggie Patch:

1) Strengthen the roots and the soil

  • As we know that slaters love eating the minerals from the plants, here is a trick to avoid them from taking away all the essentials from the plants. To achieve organic pest control, feed the soil with organic matter and good bacteria and compost to moisturize the soil. 
  • When these woodlice crawl underneath to take away the minerals from the plants, they will instead get all of it from the soil itself. 
  • If the roots of your veggies are strong enough, then they will be less vulnerable to slaters. 

2) No matter whatever you go through, a cold beer will help!

  • I won’t joke here, but slaters love beer. Well, all you require to do is take a cup or can and put some beer into it. 
  • Now sink that cup into the soil beside the veggies in the patch. The slaters will drown themselves in the beer can. 
  • Ensure to change the cup every two days. Check the trap every day. 


3) Potatoes can be more than just fries!

  • Potatoes are loved by all! They can be baked, boiled, fried, and even a trap for the slaters. 
  • Take a potato or any fruit, a grape or orange. Cut it in half and place it on the edges of the veggie patch
  • Check the underside every day as the slaters get stuck into them. Brush them aside somewhere far if you don’t want to kill them. 

Some slater facts you may want to read:

  • Slaters belong to the family of prawns, crabs, and lobsters!
  • Slaters crave moisture as they breathe through their gills.
  • Slaters love living in dark and moist areas. 

Tips That Will Help Prevent Slaters:

  • Minimize water and use more non-plant mulch if you have a veggie patch very near to your house.
  • Slaters feed on decayed vegetation, so it is better to keep your garden bed as much as far from your home. 
  • Make sure to seal all the cracks of your home as you do not want them to crawl into your rooms. 

Above all of that, it is very necessary that you keep your house and surroundings clean and have regular pest control from Sunrise Pest Control to avoid slaters, spiders, mites, and garden bugs crawling in your plants around your home. I hope the above steps were helpful for you to get rid of Slaters from your veggie patch.

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