March flies, also referred to as horse flies in Australia, are a severe pest issue as it is nearly impossible to get completely rid of them. March flies have black, brown, or rusty colored bodies with thick legs. It is very usual to find march flies everywhere around the world. Below are some of our suggested methods that may help you control or get rid of them.

How To Get Rid of March Flies?

Controlling march flies/ horse flies is a bit difficult, so you can say it’s not possible to get rid of them completely, as they have larger areas for breeding. But there are some methods that can help us trap them, control them, and get rid of them somewhat.

Below listed are some ways that can help you:

Usually, a Malaise trap is set up to trap or kill any flying insect. The material used for the Malaise trap is net or terylene. Insects flying around enter this trap and get trapped in the upper corner of the trap.
You can make natural traps on your own, buy a physical trap, and install them near your home or the most affected area.

Physical non-toxic fly traps such as:

  1. Flypaper- an adhesive containing paper that attracts and traps the flies towards it.
  2. Light traps- these traps attract insects towards their bright light and colors; the insect gets either glued or zapped inside.
  3. Flies be Gone fly trap- the fly will enter a funnel passage that leads to a plastic bag where the flies will get food and get trapped inside.
  4. Horse-pal-fly-trap- large traps with a specific design to attract the march flies. The march flies get trapped in the flytrap’s metal portion and die from the sun’s heat.


These are some natural approaches that can help you get rid of march flies

Planting herbs and flowers like basil, marigold, bay leaves in your lawn or your house garden is a great way to keep away the flies.
Mix dish soap and vinegar in a glass, cover the glass with a plastic sheet and poke some holes on it. March flies will get attracted towards the vinegar in the mirror and eventually fly down and sink in the dish soap.
Maybe you can try setting up simple traps like sugar, honey, or rotten meat to attract the flies and trap them down.
So this was all about march flies and various methods to eradicate or control march flies around your house. You can try the simple natural DIY traps at home very easy to catch them. Apart from that, it is necessary to keep your house and surroundings clean and have regular pest control from Sunrise Pest Control to avoid insects and flies pestering around your home. I hope the above steps were helpful for you to get rid of march flies. Have you read other articles from us? Do explore our page for more.

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