Do you even hear the word termites and go “eww”? Imagine having to bear these six-legged insects all-around your house. Now that sounds more disgusting as well as worrying enough. If your home has floors, doors, fences, outdoor decks or any doors made from hardwood, then I have some bad news for you.

Do Termites Eat Hardwood?

Termites are quite a severe problem, and once they enter your space, you need to get alarmed and think of immediate solutions. Termites can go on eating for a whole day that too continuously for twenty-four hours consistently without stopping! These insects mainly feed on timber wood as their primary intake for glucose. However, some termites eat away the soft timber; as it is easier to digest.

Coptotermes, Nasutitermes and Schedorhinotermes these three kinds of termites indulge hardwood. These species are habitually seen in major parts of Australia. 

Even though hardwood is a little denser than softwood, hard to cut and even much harder to drive a nail into it! But wait before you think that a termite cannot eat it. 

The fact is that they can! They can nibble on them for the whole day and finish it off until it’s gone entirely. 

Why do the termites eat hardwood? 

  • To get enough nutrients and cellulose to survive.
  • To feed their ever-growing colonies consistently.


They even eat paper, as paper tends to contain the same organic compound as wood. They are sure to attack wallpapers, fabrics, magazines, books, etc. Once they get themselves comfortable in your house, they aren’t leaving your side so soon. Now the whole place is at risk, along with your furniture and other possessions. 

If you think that specific hardwoods are safe from termites, I am afraid you are wrong. Termites will consume whether it is a hardwood or a softwood. Henceforth, the best way to protect your homes is to have a pest control inspection done on the earliest. Not just that, make sure to get residential pest control done regularly so that your hose remains insects-free and disease-free all the time.

Apart from pest control read below what you can do to get rid of termites:

  1. Getting all that sunlight into your rooms and furniture is a great start. Termites exist in dark and moist states. Letting your furniture in sunlight for 2-3 days in a row will get the termites running.
  2. If DIY is your thing, then this cardboard trap trick is for you. Termites cannot resist cellulose’s woody smell, so placing moist cardboard anywhere near the most affected area will attract the termites. You can get rid of them by discarding them somewhere far.
  3. An easier way would be buying a termite spray containing boric acid. If not available, you can mix some borax powder and water and oary it on their breeding area. 
  4. Why not go natural? Neem oil is a proven effective method. All you need to do is spray or pour the oil over extremely affected areas and repeat it regularly. 

Bottom Line: It becomes quite necessary to keep your house and surroundings clean. Get regular residential pest control from Sunrise Pest Control to avoid insects and flies pestering around your home. Have you read other articles from us? If not then, do explore our page for more.