Termite infestation most often is detected only when the damage to your house is already underway

Nobody wants to have a termite infestation. Although termites swarm in many parts of the nation in the spring, termites infestation may also occur during the rest of the year in regions where temperatures stay mild. Termites, however, are skilled at concealing and you may not realise you have an infestation until it is too late. If you catch the indications early on, you'll be able to get rid of them more quickly with the aid of local pest control professionals. Termites can often live in your house for a long period of time even before being detected as you have to be very careful to detect them. Whether it is dry wood termites or underground termites, it might be difficult to discover these termites before damaging the house's material.

If you believe you have termites or are concerned about an infestation, we can assist you. Here are nine indicators that you have termites. It's time to say toodles to these unwelcome visitors.

Know What to Watch For:

Discoloured or drooping drywall:

If the walls are discoloured, dropped and faded, then there are certainly initial indicators of termite activity and care are needed. To confirm the effect of termite within the wall, you must consult a termite infestation professional.

Peeling paint that resembles water damage:

If your wall paint is showing the patches of water that is collected and resembles water damage it is another sign of the termite infestation. Peeling paint need immediate attention and a closer look from specialist can provide you with the better solution for the safety of your house.

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termite damage?

Read below and be equipped to catch termite damage as soon as humanly possible.

Wood which sounds hollow when tapped:

If it sounds like a hollow box when the wood material in the home is tapped, then there are certainly already termites in the wood. Keep the item first and promptly disinfect it by consultation with the Pesticide specialist. When you detect a small pointed pinpoint like hollows in the wall or in any part of the house, termites are infested in the house. These are first signs of the termites in the house and need to be urgently removed before they harm your property.

Buckling wooden boards

When your wooden components change their forms and you witness a sudden turn in the wood, your property is predicted to suffer from a termite infestation. In order to get rid of termites anyplace in Melbourne Australia, visit a #1 Sunrise Pest Control professionals.

Floor loosening:

If your floor tiles are loosening, you can certainly have an additional dampness caused by the infestation of the termite. To find out the problem and get addressed as soon as possible, you should engage in contacting a term inspection agency for the safety of your house.

Excessively noisy floorboards:

If your hardwood floors are squeaky and misaligned, you should contact a termite control service to inspect the situation. This might be an early symptom of a termite infestation and requires immediate action.


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Crumbling,damaged wood:

Dry rot is a kind of wood deterioration produced by fungi that consume sections of the wood that give it strength and rigidity.If it seems to be crumbling or damaged wood, it is another symptom of a termite infestation in your home.

Stuck windows or doors:

Another indicator may be that you cannot properly open and close windows because of the weight of the window doors. Stuck windows should never be overlooked since they can damage all of the wood near the window and require prompt treatment.

Flying termite swarms anywhere on your property:

Finally, if you notice flying termite swarms on your property, it is one of the signs that requires quick attention. This is another instance when you should contact a termite professional as soon as possible to eliminate termites and safeguard your home and supplies.

Sunrise Pest Control – Professional Termite Inspection

Our technicians are trained to look for the signs of termites around your home and have various types of technology to detect them when there are no visible signs. These include moisture sensors, heat sensors .

All builder warranties have a clause that makes termite inspection mandatory and without one your warranty lapses, as we all already know home insurance policies do not cover termite damage so ALWAYS get professional advice to detect termite infestation as early as possible and avoid costly damage to your property.

There are multiple solutions available and If termite activity is found, our trained and experienced technicians will recommend suitable treatments available for your property.

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