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Pests cause harm to the house as well as to humans and can be life threatening. For more detailed information please visit our pest library.


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Our Objective is to be the best in Identifying and Delivering appropriate pest control solutions that not only surpass the client’s expectations but also to educate the community about the need to put an end to pests and protect the environment. We always look to offer excellent customer services by maintaining quality and commitment.

Our goal is to
  • Offer best solutions for eradicating pests.
  • Promote eco-friendly products.
  • Safeguard your entire family and home from pests.
  • Maintain standard and long-lasting quality services.

Having trouble in controlling pests?
Advanced pest control MelbourneWe are the Melbourne, Victoria based local pest control service providers, we provide advanced pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Wide Range Of Services

Our wide range of service offer solution for all types of infestations with various categories pests while keeping people, pets and your loved ones safe. Sunrise Pest control technician use advanced technology using which we can provide guaranteed results while taking care of all safety measures.

Our experienced team of professionals have gained expertise in pest control field through years of experience and routinely getting courses to certify and licenced to effectively use the appropriate chemicals.
We are available throughout the year entire year to service our customers and helping them solve their problems with pests by the way of various services.

The latest and advanced pest control techniques and technologies used by us are very efficient to detect and resolve issues with various pests found in Melbourne and surrounding areas as for example, termites, flies, rats/rodents, bed bugs, dust mites, spiders, wasps, cockroaches, fleas, ants, moths and other insects.

Melbourne being a most liveable city in the world having verity of weather throughout a year. It is being known for having four seasons in a day.

Spring is most beautiful season in Melbourne where thousands of millions of flower blooms in wide verity of color, fragrance. This is the best climate where temperature ranges from 10 degree to 22 degree, providing best climate to infestation to all kind of pests. Our advanced IT technology, provide updates to our regular client for their regular pest inspection and preventive treatment.

Melbourne warms up in summer having mean temperature around 25 degree providing cool change at night. During Summer Melbourne see many flying and crawling insects and specifically rodents’ infestations. With the advantage of day light saving time, our specialised team work long hours and provide advanced pest control services to our clients.

Melbourne in Autumn observes little cooler weather with mean temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degree having frequent morning fog which clears to welcome fine sunny days, near end of season, Melbourne observes extended periods of light winds. During this season crawling insects starts to look for warm home inside your home and make their new nest. Our team uses advanced techniques and technologies together with their experience to identify existing and new nests, path way of insects to control the unwanted pests and keep them out from property and loved ones.

Winter in Melbourne is the coolest season where temperature range between 2 degree and 15 degrees. This is season when most insects will find reasonably warm area in your home with they can remain dormant. Sunrise Pest control technician are ready to help you in cool winter season to provide you advanced pest control services and keep your premises free from pests.

During winter mice and rats seek warm place and shelter from the cold, wind and rain. Our home or business premises are the perfect place for them to hide out in the coldest months of the year. Rats love to live in the roof cavity while mice will do enjoy their time by getting into the house, same way snack in your pantry! These vermin not only create infestation but spread disease and also contaminate food. They also release their bodily functions where they please and they drive us crazy with their night-time activities. While they are getting ready for spring, Why not to call sunrise pest control services to provide you advanced pest control services and make your worry free?

If you’re hearing noises in your walls or roof then you may have a rodent infestation. Another sure sign of rodents is agitated pets. If your cat or dog sits in front of a wall for an extended time it may mean a rat is lurking behind the plaster!

No matter what is the season, one thing on which everyone agrees is we all hate pests. Whether it be a mice, mouse, spider, moth, cockroaches, ants, wasps, fleas, ants, or any other insects. Whether it is our house, back yard, garden bed, garden shed, garage, carport or outside leaving area. We want them not to do any infestation, and gone from our property as soon as possible! Well! Sunrise pest control services are always available to help with their advanced pest control techniques and technology throughout Victoria include Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and all other regional areas.

The advanced pest control method uses following pesticides to control various pests at their source
  • Insecticides to control insects.
  • Herbicides to control plants.
  • Rodenticides to control rodents (rats and mice).
  • Bactericides to control bacteria.
  • Fungicides to control fungi.
  • Larvicides to control larvae.
To select the correct pesticide there are many factors considered.
  • Selection of correct pesticide to target pest or pests.
  • Determine, which would be the better pesticide to use.
  • Choose required application method.
  • Choose required level of toxicity.
  • Method of application ie best method on how is it applied.
  • Determine length on how long will it be effective and will control the pest.
  • Determining toxicity for humans and other non-target species.
  • Effect on the environment, identify if it cause damage to the environment and how might this occur?
  • Determine biodegradable products.
  • Correct measurement for pesticide is required for the job.
  • Determine application of the pesticide by how it will enter to pest’s body. As following.

The another important part is using this pesticides by knowing how they enter into pests body, which then determines how to spray and or put at required location. The common entry points are as following

Dermal Entry: When pesticide enters through skin of the pest. So, the pesticide is used as aerosol spray and the droplets hits the insect’s skin, while walking insects come into contact with powder or granule forms of insecticide and enters their body.

Oral Entry: When pesticide enters through mouth. This kind of pesticide are in a form of poisonous food, which lures the pests to eat.

Respiratory Entry: When pesticide enters through its respiratory system. This is also called inhaled position. The chemical fogging system is being used for this kind of pesticide.

The most important part of the pest control is to informing you, your family and any concern person regarding toxicity and avoid contact for the period of active toxicity.

At Sunrise Pest Control, we have team of professional who provide professional pest control services throughout Victoria specifically Melbourne.

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